If You Were Not Black

If You Were Not Black


This 194 page coffee table book by author Curtis Jackson, Jr., illustrated and compiled by Brenda Womble, depicts events and stories about systemic racism from the Jim Crow days to the present broken America. It portrays a system of inequities that are by design and woven into the fabric of the nation. As a result, a slavery continuum is perpetuated, and no tactics or strategies are too mendacious in achieving its goal. America’s history and personal stories in this book reveal the relationships of whites and blacks that have been consistent throughout generations. As a result, the book seeks to reconcile differences and merge the paths of division in pursuit of “one nation, under God, with liberty and justice for ALL.

Responses from readers, If You Were Not Black:

Cathy Oliver- Red Carpet Accessories, Inc. – Greensboro, NC
My book came today! Wow!!! The hidden truth behind systematic racism eloquently written to inform and facilitate positive change. There are many Europeans who are not racist but sound asleep when it comes to the truth behind systemic racism and past and present actions that infuse anger and creates division.
A must read!!!

Victor Schoenbach– retired Associate Professor Emeritus, UNC Chapel Hill, NC

Congratulations Curtis and Brenda! The book is beautiful – and powerful. I am reading it almost as I type.

Carol Deese, Chalmers-Juddland Enterprise, LLC

My books were received on Friday!! I have already given 2 of the books away as gifts!!! The book is aesthetically pleasing to the eye as a wonderful and perfect coffee table book for instant and constant reading! The stories are surprising and some not so surprising!!! Waiting for next volume!!!

Ann Levin – (owner – UbuildaBook, Inc.) Thousand Oaks, CA

I finally got to the office and I am overwhelmed by the wonderful things written in the book. This book is very precious to me and in fact, came home with me and is sitting on may coffee table! I hope this book continues to enlighten people everywhere.  It is beautifully written and I think everyone should know how far we’ve come and how far we have to go!

Naomi Eagleson – Book Editor, Santa Monica, CA

I just received my copy of If You Were Not Black. Wow, it’s gorgeous! 
And nicely printed too. If you and Curtis decide to create another book and need an editor, you 
know where to find us!

Catherine Murray – Book Interior Designer – United Kingdom
Oh my gosh!!! You guys are fantastic. So so so awesome! Well done. Do I have your permission to put it up on my social media?

Booker Daniels, retired university professor/IBM executive 
Yes, I received my Book (treasure) today. It is a beautiful work of art, and Black History lessons, and creative expression… Faye and I have a problem putting it down. I will invite anyone who comes to our home to review it. Thanks to both of you. The title of the book is quite interesting. It reminds me of a line from the book, Who Moved My Cheese? What would you do if you were not afraid? I thought that was a great question, but the title of your book is even more to the point. I expect to look at it every day for some time to come. Thank you for creating such a gem/ publication.

Patricia Fonts, retiree, Board Certified Broker (BCB), Atlanta, Georgia

The book is beautifully done and so well wrapped.   I know I will enjoy having it and sharing it’s meaningful and important information with others.    

Cynthia Whitcomb, Screenwriter, Playwright, Author and Teacher

What is remarkable about “If You Were Not Black” is how it takes you on an inspiring journey through the history of the African American people focusing on the most inspiring leaders and artists. It covers a huge span with breadth and depth all packed into a beautiful coffee table book full of stunning photographs.  You learn so much without it feeling like a history lesson.  I highly recommend to everyone. 


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