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Spending most of her childhood pretending to be a movie star, she seemed predestined for the stage. But, after struggling in a British literature class in her undergraduate studies, Brenda Lindsey Womble (stage named “Brenda Rose”) was about to drop the class when her professor talked her into staying. “You were meant to be among us scholars. Never take the easy road,” the professor said.  From that point, Brenda Rose became an award-winning actress who has traveled nationwide with her one-woman shows in theater. After landing a role in a children’s theater, “The Traveling Menagerie” under director Jim Henson of Sesame Street, fear and self-doubt about taking on a new challenge returned and caused her to turn down the role and continue as a university instructor.

“I saw failure, but Mr. Henson saw greatness, and from that experience, I vowed never to shy away from a one in a lifetime opportunity, again,” she says.  With renewed courage, Brenda Rose’s acting talent won in seven eastern states where she went on to Denver, Colorado and placed 7th in the USA of 250 participants in her category or prose dramatizations. 

Brenda Rose has written, directed, and produced over 36 stage plays and sketches. With excerpts from her unpublished novel, “A Crack in the Wall”, she won a Broadway showcase in New York, NY. One of her stage plays, “A Crazy Kind of Love” aired nationwide and parts of Europe and Africa.   She later worked on a feature film, “There’s My Angel” as casting director, script supervisor and associate producer.

Her recently published book, Guns of Ava, is creative nonfiction, and it has been written as a stage play and screenplay.  “Never in a million years did I think I would write this true story based on the life of my best friend, Ken Dula. But, while writing it, I cried most of the time, because of what I learned about the plight of combat soldiers.”

As owner of Omega Theatrics, Brenda Rose has toured the stage play version of “Guns of Ava” in multiple cities with sold out and packed audiences.  In past years, she has appeared on a local ABC news special with anchorman, Steve Daniels and on a local inspirational talk show, “Fishers of Men”.  She has been featured in Endeavors magazine, and in several news articles for her theatrical talent.

When not in the classroom, you might find Brenda Rose in her favorite café with a chocolate chip cookie, a cup of coffee and laptop working on the next literary project. Her son, Dedrick, teaches at the American United School of Kuwait where he lives with his wife, Kimberly, and Brenda Rose’s adorable grandchild, Sydni Kai. Brenda Rose resides in Chapel Hill, NC.


In 1968, Dula found himself among many other drafted men going to fight in Vietnam. His nightmares began. At a time when America was at its worst through political unrest with civil rights protestors, liberation movements, and “hippy” teen rebellion, Ken struggled with the White House official’s rationale for sending the nation’s troops to war. But, regardless of his noncompliant attitude, during his military years he strived to be the best in service for his country and fought as bravely as expected of any combat soldier. “Guns of Ava” demonstrates his struggle to survive in two wars—the one in the treacherous jungles of Vietnam and the battle inside himself as he tries to cope with the unfaithfulness of the only woman he’d ever loved.

As a Vietnam war veteran with a Specialty Title of Specialist E-4, he received the Vietnam Service Medal w/one Bronze Service Star; Air Medal; Purple Heart; Bronze Star; The Army Commendation; Combat Infantry badge; and the Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross w/Palm Unit Citation badge.

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