Founded in 1991, Omega Theatrics is an organization that is passionate about helping aspiring artists discover their theatrical abilities and nurture that talent until it self-actualizes. The company provides summer workshops from beginner to advance acting and writing classes. These sessions will help the actor build self-awareness, high self-esteem, and self-confidence while pursuing the art. In addition, Omega Theatrics invests its time and resources in each student to ascertain preparation with a future career in stage performance and filmmaking. Omega Theatrics is committed to its slogan, “Giving actors the treatment and training they deserve”.

Want a peek at the founder?
Joined with her best friend, Ken Dula, Brenda Rose wrote a one-of-a-kind true love story of Ken’s life as an African American veteran of the Vietnam War. Currently, the companyis touring cities with the play version, “Guns of Ava” (see reviews). With sold out shows, this story about love and war leaves an indelible impact on audiences from city to city.
Brenda Rose gained invaluable knowledge of screenwriting through renown writers such as Cynthia Whitcomb of “Writing the Waves” conference and seller of over 72 screenplays; producer, Gary Goldstein of one of her favorite movies, “Pretty Woman”; Steve Davis, screenwriter of the Sante Fe Writers Conference, and Ellexia Nguyen, an award-winning script editor of “The Script Joint”. When asked about her next work, Brenda Rose says, “I wait patiently for God’s voice on that step. And, that voice has always been right.” But, as she sits and waits, her fans are eagerly hoping for a sequel of “Guns of Ava”.